What Lomachenko and Rigondeaux earned approximately for their bout at Madison Square Garden in New York city.

The fight ultimately didn’t live up to the hype expected by the hardcore boxing fan circle but alas, they seldom do when you match fighters of such technical styles against one another.

The old adage of styles make fights rang through again, although Lomachenko never really gave Rigondeaux any chance at all to impose his fight style on him.

He was just too good.

Rigondeaux no doubt will be waking up feeling low today but at least he will have earned some money from last night’s bout.

Not as much as you might think, though.

The purse on the night was:

  • Lomachenko 1.2 million USD approx
  • Rigondeaux 400,000 USD approx

When you consider that the dollar has been weak in recent times and that Rigondeaux will need to pay tax, members of his team and other training expenses, he might wind up with around 200,000 American dollars approximately for a fight that was billed as one between the two most skilled boxers in the world.

Quiet a bit different from the estimated $250 million Floyd Mayweather pocketed from his Conor McGregor exhibition last August.