George Groves continues to let his old rival have it following a stunning upset defeat to lose his IBF super-middleweight world title.

The fight business can be a cruel, ruthless game at times. Perhaps the most ruthless of them all, really.

One day a fighter can be on top of the world. Champion of the world. The next he can be down at the dumps with rivals viciously digging at him when he is at his weakest.

George Groves and James DeGale never liked each other, lets call a spade a spade here.

Since their fight earlier in the pro careers they have not had a kind word to say about one another.

Their career paths took different trajectories but one senses that before all is said and done, that they’ll meet in the ring again one day.

To finally settle a bitter, bitter score.

Before that though, Groves has taken the opportunity to have a go at DeGale following him losing his world title to American Caleb Truax last night, in a result no one saw coming beforehand:

Realistically, the fight can still happen in the next year or so. Both are still relatively young and have plenty of fights left in them.