Eubank Senior Reacts To DeGale World Title Upset Embarrassment

Former world champion Chris Eubank senior reacts to DeGale world title upset by American Caleb Truax in his hometown of London, UK.

Caleb Truax will be flying back to the States today a happy man knowing that he became arguably a part of boxing history by recording surely the biggest upset of 2017.

Former IBF super-middleweight champion James DeGale was clearly distraught and emotional afterwards, understandably, after having his world around him essentially collapse in front of his eyes.

He and Chris Eubank senior know each other well from their verbal spars in the media against one another, but it goes a bit back in history to really understand where it began.

Before DeGale turned pro Eubank senior claimed he would never win a world title as a pro because of his Olympic gold medal success in the amateurs.

Well, DeGale proved him wrong on that one, but following his surprise defeat last night Eubank has had his say and what he thinks of the situation, citing the word “embarrassment” in his post-fight analysis:

To understand where the whole beef originates from – you have to go back a few years to this interview on Setanta TV.

If you skip to the second half of it you’ll hear Eubank speak about DeGale at around the 7 minute mark where he says:

“I guarantee you he’ll (DeGale fail)”