This Loma vs Rigo final face to face encounter was intense as it comes between two boxers. A steely, piercing glaze into each other’s souls.

It will be a fight between two double Olympic Gold medallists tonight but it will also be one between two fighters who engaged in possibly the longest, most intense stare offs in recent boxing memory.

One that needed to be separated in the end:

(Hat tip Fight Hub YouTube):

As you can see, nobody wanted to break away first. Both guys looked in incredible shape not just physically, but also looked hyped to the max mentally.

The cold glare into one another’s souls as if to say, yeah, we’re here now. It’s real now.

From a betting perspective the odds have slightly come in for Rigondeaux late on. An indication that possibly some late money is coming in on the Cuban boxer.

Lomachenko is still the favorite but if anyone can spring an upset – it’s the man in the opposite corner.

Rigo has gone into battle mode all week on social media and has made reference at numerous times that he won’t just have the Cubans behind him, but also the Irish and many other nations.

This message a short time ago further illustration of how he feels in that regard: