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Joseph Parker Suggests Anthony Joshua Bubble Will Burst

WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker suggests by way of video that Anthony Joshua is not being truthful on his motivations.

Negotiations continue between both camps with the financial split still being the major bone of contention from holding up an agreement.

Team Parker have been consistent in not moving from their 65-35 offer in favor of Joshua that also includes a rematch clause.

It is thought that the fight is being aimed for late March 2018 but as Christmas quickly approaches and with no end in sight just yet, the reality that a mandatory challenger might be next for Joshua is starting to dawn upon fans.

However Parker is not giving up on negotiations without a fight, bringing out this short video message today:

Big glass robot is certainly a new heckle, in a year that has seen a lot of back and forth between heavyweights online with Joshua even himself recently engaging in Twitter battles with the likes of Tyson Fury.

But it’s the big fights that fans want and if all goes to plan, 2018 could be a huge year for the heavyweight division if the three champions of Joshua, Parker and Wilder fight in different combinations of bouts at some point, in theory, creating an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world by the end of the year.

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