Floyd Mayweather Responds To 51st Fight Reports

American boxer and all time great in the sport of boxing, Floyd Mayweather responds to rumours that he’s planning one last fight.

Reports at the weekend suggested that Floyd Mayweather was back in the gym and training hard, and not ruling out a final fight in the sport following his win over Conor McGregor last August.

The retired boxer has now categorically shut these talks down, however.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Mayweather said:

“I’m not fighting no more. No matter what the price is. Fake. All lies. No boxing for me. I don’t even like talking about boxing. I don’t even like watching boxing.”

Well, there you have it. That’s about as concrete a shut down as you’ll hear.

Floyd Mayweather leaves the sport with a perfect record intact at 50-0 and will certainly be remembered as the best pound for pound fighter of his particular generation.

A career that spanned over two decades, it was one that saw Mayweather transition from the “Pretty Boy” persona to “Money Mayweather” in the latter, more lucrative half of his professional tenure.

Perhaps Mayweather will be best remembered for being one of the best businessmen-boxers in the sport’s history. A man who commanded pay days the likes of which never seen before in boxing.

For the full clip with Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) check it out here:

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