Chris Eubank Senior Explains Why His Son Can Train Himself

Chris Eubank senior explains why his son has the ability to train on his own ahead of George Groves showdown.

One of the prevailing themes so far between both fighters is how Eubank Jr believes Goves is overly relying on his team.

While Groves believes Eubank Jr is overly relying on himself.

On the whole, looking over boxing’s long history, there’s no doubt that teams form an important part of professional boxers’ careers.

From trainers – to managers – to promoters, a good team is a crucial ingredient usually on the arduous road on the way to the top of the sweet science for a fighter.

Both fighters in question have top trainers as it happens, in the form of Ronnie Davies who looks after Eubank Jr (and also trained Eubank senior during his career) – and Shane McGuigan who is guiding Groves’ preparation.

Chris Eubank Sr doesn’t really think his son needs to be trained, however:

“He (Eubank Jr) hasn’t been trained by PE teachers. No disrespect, but that’s what most trainers are. He has been guided. I haven’t trained him. He can’t be trained. He needs to be left alone. What he has is an internal navigation system. All I can do is try to harness when he is doing too much to his opponents. All I can do is try to harness him, which is what you – the public, the press, the media, the boxing fans – have seen in the past.”

He continued:

“I’m trying to actually harness because this is for me, by far, is the most dangerous fighters on the planet. Thank you.”