Tyson Fury Gives Honest Assessment Of Deontay Wilder

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury gives honest appraisal of what he thinks of the WBC heavyweight champion.

The two were linked with a bout in the past but due to Fury’s extended break from the sport, it didn’t happen.

Now Wilder is being lined up for a unification heavyweight title fight with Anthony Joshua in 2018 in a bout that the bookies are making Wilder a big underdog in.

Many disagree with that, though. Including one Tyson Fury.

Speaking on the White Rhino Fightcast Podcast:

“A lot people are saying he (Wilder) can’t box and all this, and he’s raw and he’s a windmill (puncher). I put 1500 quid on (Bermane) Stiverne to knock him out (in the first fight). Well (what I was thinking), if I win I would get about 5 grand back but if I lose I’ll get about 10 million with the Wilder fight. So it was a win-win situation.”

He went on to say:

“He (Wilder) has improved a lot, a hell of a lot. I do think he’s an awesome puncher and he’s a good boxer, and he’s awkward.”

Fury later added:

“Very awkward kind of character (Wilder) and I think he’ll do a lot of damage to a lot of people. I think Wilder will knock him (Anthony Joshua) out. Purely and simply because Wilder can move and punch on the move, and Joshua stands still and takes big shots on the gloves.”

Fury is due to go before UKAD next month in a bid to get back in the boxing ring in early 2018.