Brain Damaged Boxer Daniel Franco Calls Out Jay Z and RocNation

Daniel Franco has released a powerful message for his former promoter Jay Z and RocNation following his traumatic injuries.

The Daniel Franco situation with his former promoter RocNation (lead by rapper Jay Z) is still ongoing after a Instagram post was requested to be taken down by the promoter, according to the former boxer.

Franco was promoted by RocNation in the past and following a bout where he suffered career ending and almost life ending injuries, Daniel Franco has done an interview saying that they are now ignoring him following initial contact after an Instagram post.

The full interview is available here on The Blast YouTube.

As of this time no public response has been issued by RocNation. Fight fans and the general public have been kept up to date largely by Franco’s Instagram account.

33 minutes ago, Franco updated the page with an old post he left before – now he’s trying to figure out what to do next:

Franco is understood to be making good progress in his recovery but has already ran up medical bills over $200,000 it is estimated – at the time of writing of this article.

For those looking to make and contributions or donations to his medical bills his GoFundMe page is available here.