Full Details Of What Really Is Going On With The Tyson Fury UKAD Case

The Tyson Fury UKAD case is like a never ending story with no resolution in sight, but finally, it looks set to be sorted soon.

There has been some conflicting information from reports online in recent weeks on what really has gone on with the Tyson Fury UKAD case since it first began, and the dates surrounding the different actions of which said actions in the case were alleged to have been made.

It’s all a bit confusing really but for the purpose of simplicity for fight fans, there is now one thing we do know for sure.

Next month Fury will have his long awaited hearing and hopefully, one way or another, it will be resolved.

To clear up confusion and explain exactly what is going on, Fury’s promoter Hennessy Sports has issued a formal statement on social media to let fans know what’s happened with the Tyson Fury UKAD case, and its timeline:

As you can see, there seems to be a bit of confusion at present between team Fury and the British Boxing Board of Control.

Hopefully this can be put right as quickly as possible with the heavyweight division in 2018 offering some massive fights potentially for Fury when he returns.

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