Anthony Joshua Fondly Recalls His Favorite Knockout He Delivered

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua fondly recounts his favorite knockout he’s ever inflicted on an opponent.

To date Joshua has a full knockout record of 100% as a professional with an impressive record of 20-0-20KO.

He can hit, that much we know. This short clip illustrates as much in it’s brief brutality for his unfortunate opponents to date:

(Hat tip – Boxing Stars YouTube):

But there’s one that stands out above all the rest for him, one that he has a special memory of in particular. Speaking to Dubai Eye Sport on TV in Dubai, Joshua remembers it well:

“My favorite one honestly was Michael Sprott because he went on the ropes and I’ve just worked his body all the way up to the top of his head. It was just a good display of switch up attacks – to the body then switch to the head. You  just can’t see where the punches are coming from, and that’s why I like that knockout.”

Here’s the devastating knockout as it happened a few years back:

Joshua now finds himself debating over who he will next face, with unification fights against the other heavyweight champions Doentay Wilder and Joseph Parker the leading candidates at this time for his next foe.