Eddie Hearn Confused By Anthony Joshua Social Media Activity

Promoter Eddie Hearn explains Anthony Joshua social media activity in light of recent controversial messages.

Joshua’s promoter initially commented on Twitter that he believed the messages were fake from Joshua but has now admitted that there is a problem with his social media accounts.

Joshua’s team also subsequently confirmed that controversial messages boxer Eddie Chambers showed were sent from Joshua’s Instagram account, but that the account had been hacked.

Speaking to IFL TV, Eddie Hearn went on to further explain what is happening at the moment:

“He’s got a major problem with his social media accounts. If you look around online – there’s plenty of bits and pieces floating around allegedly from Anthony Joshua as well. Their teams are looking into it, AJ’s team. He has some major problems with his accounts. There have been other people who have received messages by the way but you won’t know about, but as far as I’m concerned if you get a direct message from another man, not necessarily threatening you, but man on man, and you think if it’s from that person, why would you put it out publicly? But this guy (Eddie Chambers) obviously thinks that Christmas has come early.”

He added:

“A number of things have happened. Some of which are quiet funny and some are not. But this one has been a pain in the a***. It wasn’t just Eddie Chambers. There’s been loads of other people who have received messages. Some of which are funny and some of which have played out in different ways.”

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