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What Joseph Parker Team Want For Anthony Joshua Fight

The Joseph Parker team have taken to the public media with ongoing Anthony Joshua fight negotiations at present with Joshua’s team.

Talks of staging a heavyweight title unification appear to be at a stand still at present.

A common understanding between both parties on what is a fair financial split seems to be hard to find at the moment.

When talks of the fight first started a few weeks back, figures of a purse split as high as 80 / 20 in favor of Joshua were mentioned.

This seems to have come in a bit now.

Speaking to the media, WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker’s promoter David Higgins spoke of his final, non-negotiable offer for the fight to happen next:

“The deal would have to be an open book revenue share. Why? Because there’s a whole load of revenue streams that are potentially invisible. So a fixed fee doesn’t really do it justice. We want all the revenue and costs in the pot to see what it is. “

He went on:

“Our team have decided that our bottom line, minimum, we’ll drop as a sign of good faith and prove that we are not all talk and do want to unify – we’re going to drop down to 35% of net profit to unify and we’ll take the fight next, if Joshua will agree.”

He also mentioned that anything less than a 65-35 split is a: