Watch: Amir Khan Snake Battle In Jungle Ends In A Loud Scream

This Amir Khan snake battle left the boxer clearly shaken on his first night in the jungle on ‘I’m A Celeb’.

Amir Khan’s first night on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ has caused a stir not just in the boxing world, but the wider public has also chimed in with many comments on social media.

In a challenge on the reality TV show the boxer had to put his hand in where a snake was and when he tried to retrieve the item he was looking for, the snake came with him.

The resulting scream from the boxer has brought a wealth of memes and banter from the internet thus far. Here’s the moment it happened via the ITV YouTube channel (hat tip):

Snake 1 – Khan 0?

Fair play to him though for getting into the jungle and doing the task. Time will tell how many more involving snakes he’ll do mind you.

Going into the TV show Khan highlighted snakes and spiders in particular as animals he is afraid of.

From a boxing perspective, expect fellow fighters and rivals to be using every night of the TV show as opportunity to have a go at Khan. All in good fun of course.

Just logging onto Twitter tonight and you’d don’t have to look very far, already.

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