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Oscar De La Hoya: Can McGregor Be A Champion (In Boxing)? Absolutely

Oscar De La Hoya responds to questions about Ireland’s UFC star Conor McGregor’s future in the sport of boxing.

Oscar De La Hoya was very against the Mayweather vs McGregor fight back in August that drew responses from both Mayweather and the UFC’s Dana White at the time.

A couple of months on, it appears De La Hoya’s feelings have not changed all that much – but he is very complimentary of Conor McGregr.

McGregor dropped a stoppage loss in the 10th round but surprised many with his boxing ability in the early rounds against Mayweather on the night.

Speaking to Fight Hub TV, De La Hoya said he even thinks he could be a champion one day in boxing:

“Look, look, McGregor got stopped by Mayweather. That’s the bottom line. Because of lack of experience. If he fights 6 rounders, 8 rounders, 10 rounders and fights contenders, can he get better? Can he be a contender? Can he be a champion? Absolutely. To fight at the elite level right off the bat, yes it’s hard and I applaud him. But it’s impossible to just try to come to the sport of boxing from another sport and try to say well, I’m going to conquer it. It’s impossible. It’s just hard. But he did well for himself and I’m happy for him.”

De La Hoya mentioned earlier in the year that he would have had interest in promoting his main fighter of his Golden Boy Promotions stable Canelo Alvarez in a boxing match with Conor McGregor.

Following the Mayweather vs McGregor fight getting made however, he did not mention much about the fight again.

For the full clip check it out here on Fight Hub YouTube (hat tip):

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