HBO boxing tonight promises for a fun-filled night of fights in Long Island. Lets take a look at what to expect.

British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn puts on his first show in America tonight in Long Island but by no means has done so alone.

In fact, he’s shown he’s more than willing to work with others in possibly the most heavily co-promoted professional boxing event in the US in recent memory.

To put into perspective, just look at how many promoters are on the poster for tonight:

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But it’s the action on the undercard and main event that will interest fight fans. Lets take a look at what HBO boxing tonight has in store:

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HBO Boxing Tonight

HBO Boxing Tonight

As you can see it’s a busy lineup, but the TV fights will be reserved only for the last three bouts on the above list.

HBO have announced a short-term link up with Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing USA to start out with.

It is understood that Hearn will only promote roughly 4-5 events in America in 2018 and just one this year for 2017 being tonight.

It will be interesting to see what TV ratings Hearn’s first venture into US boxing does and ticket sales on the gate, if that information is released.

One thing is for sure – fighters and fans can only benefit from another promoter in the market if competition for staging better fights, on a more consistent basis is genuinely increased.

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