Anthony Joshua Shuts Down Internet Reporter With Brilliant Reply

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua shuts down internet reporter with some well timed, to the point replies on Twitter.

The boxing world wakes up this morning wondering if one if it’s most famed current fighting sons will return to the social media in the candid manner he did yesterday.

In a move away from his usually more reserved and PR careful social media tone, Anthony Joshua went on the offensive against a number of his rivals yesterday that caused a huge stir in the world boxing pot.

But it wasn’t just fighters that were on the end of his banter and straight talking.

Renowned UK-based YouTube reporter Kugan Cassius also got told his place when replying to one of Joshua’s controversial tweets:

“The real Anthony Joshua? Because of what ?…. A swear word? Shut the f*** up.”

Followed by:

“Pipe down son.”

Joshua’s tweets yesterday earned nearly 81,000 re-tweets in total. A staggering amount when you think about it and a clear indicator of just how popular the boxer has become.

His tweet and “fat f***” remark to Tyson Fury was by far the biggest of the lot – earning 61,000 re-tweets so far at the time of this article.

A barometer perhaps of just how a big a fight between the two could be next year.