Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua breaks out of his usual character with a candid response to two of his rivals.

The usual deep thinking, carefully speaking and well-media trained Anthony Joshua is starting to engage more with his rival heavyweights well, in their style of doing things so to speak.

Twitter is often the place where fighter call outs happen frequently in the boxing world but for the most part, Joshua tends to avoid lowering himself to petty call outs on the platforms.

Well, until now.

Firstly addressing WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker of New Zealand, he’s released this colorful graphic:

Classic stuff, AJ.

As you can see the fight world is rather surprised with this break away from his usual tone of voice and has earned a massive reaction on Twitter thus far.

But, he saved the most explosive retorts this morning on Twitter for perhaps his nearest rival, at least geographically, in the form of Tyson Fury.

In his own words, here’s what Joshua told Fury this morning following been called out by Fury earlier this week:

“Get fit you fat f***.”

Good old boxing, where school yard insults and championship fights getting made often go hand and hand.

All in good fun and banter of course.

On a more serious note, it appears that there are some genuine efforts being made to make these big fights and unification fights in the heavyweight division happen – which can only be good news for fight fans.