Tyson Fury addresses his situation with anti-doping agency UKAD and clears up some issues for fans on what is going on.

A story was reported earlier today by the BBC that said the anti-doping agency known as UKAD in the UK, whom are set to have a hearing with Fury next month, were fearful of going bankrupt if Fury is cleared of any wrong doing.

There has been a lot of back and forth information reported in different places over the past number of months, and indeed over the last year at this stage, but Fury has taken to Twitter to clear things up and make it more easy for boxing fans to understand what is going on:

“Addressing the so called positive test, I didn’t test positive Ukad said I had elevated levels, hence no ban! I was told no case to answer 2.”

He went on to also mention the British Boxing Board of Control to one user on Twitter:

“The bbboc are as much to blame for all of this as Ukad.”

Fury is understood to be getting ready for the initial stages of getting back into shape and dropping weight again before getting into a fight camp next year.

Pending the outcome of next month’s UKAD hearing.

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