Anthony Joshua Responds To Deontay Wilder’s Call Out

Anthony Joshua Passionately Responds

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua officially replies to WBC champion Deontay Wider’s call out of after beating Stiverne.

Usually a more reserved character, Joshua has left it a few days since Deontay Wilder’s win at the weekend over Bermane Stiverne in their rematch.

Wilder inflicted a 1st round KO of Stiverne and immediately took to the mic to call out Joshua and take off his English accent – among other comments.

Joshua has let the dust settle and accessed the situation before finally giving his retort today.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Joshua told Wilder:

“I have not seen no contract or no offer in place. So now I’ve had to take it upon myself on my time off to kind of gather my team to travel to America to discuss negotiations so I can become undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, and that’s how business is done.”

Negotiations between some of those involved have been very public but judging from the two guys that matter, the boxers, they both seem to more than want the fight at least.

Unifying the heavyweight division and all the recognised belts is not something that happens over night and there’s a lot of boxing politics to get through, but here’s hoping that these fights get made in 2018.

For the full interview check it out here on IFL TV YouTube: