Ahead of his WBO world welterweight title fight against Jeff Horn, Gary Corcoran spoke exclusively to Boxing News and Views.

Gary Corcoran challenges Manny Pacquiao-conqueror Jeff Horn on December 13th at the Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane in Australia as part of Top Rank promoted boxing event.

Gary spoke to us about getting the news, his thoughts on Horn, where Pacquiao was at in his career when beaten by Horn, and much more.

First off, how did the opportunity for a world title shot come about against Jeff Horn and how did you get the news?

“I was doing a bit of shopping when I got the phone call, actually. I was asked straight, ‘do I wanna’ fight Jeff Horn?’, and I said, ‘yeah, of course I will! It was my trainer, Frank Greaves, that called with the news and I said right away, ‘yeah, tell them it’s a done deal.”

How do you rate Horn as a fighter and what did you think of his performance to win the WBO belt against Manny Pacquiao?

“I think he’s a good fighter but over the years don’t think he’s ever really fought anyone. Even Pacquiao, he wasn’t the fighter he was and don’t think he even trained for it with all the politics work he’s got going on now. He didn’t win that fight but he got the decision, so he won it on their scorecards. I’m gonna’ have too much for him, but hopefully they’ll be no robberies when I go over there.”

Gary Corcoran

Are you doing anything different in preparation for the fight being in Australia with the considerable time difference and travel time? When do you plan to land in Australia ahead of the bout on December 13th?

“Sparring better fighters – world class fighters – for this one. I’m neatening up my technique, sitting down on punches and setting my feet a bit more. You’re all gonna’ see a different fighter on the night. I’m heavier at the weight so will knock people out more than I have, but I don’t ever take the easy fights that others do.”

When speaking about Australia and sparring arrangements, Gary enthused:

“I’m landing in Australia three weeks before the fight. Everything’s set up for when we arrive, the gym’s in place, where we’re staying… I have it all ready and in place. World champion David Avaneysan said he only got a week in America for his fight with Lamont Peterson and he lost on points. He said to me that you need a least three weeks before the fight to settle in. The training camp is going well, I’m sparring Ted Cheeseman today, on Thursday I’m up in Birmingham sparring Sam Eggington and David Avaneysan again.”

Recently Terence Crawford moved up to 147lbs. The welterweight division is absolutely stacked now at the top with the likes of him, Spence, Garcia, Thurman and Horn to name a few. Provided you beat Horn, how would you feel about fighting some of the division’s kingpins above?

“Whoever is the biggest fight for me. I’m not scared of no man, so I’ll fight anyone. If I get the fight, then I fight Terence Crawford. I’ll fight anyone and if I lose against the best then I lose against the best, that’s how it goes.”

Gary Corcoran

Is it at all possible to put into words what winning the world title would mean to you?

“It’s a big thing. Don’t think it’s ever been done by an Englishman before – going over to Australia to win a world title – I’ve been told it’s never been done. It’ll be massive for me to win. It’s a big change, do you know what I mean, from the British level. I’ve been waiting for a shot at the British title, so I could fight for it, but then I got the world title shot instead, so I’m happy.”

Any prediction for the fight before you go?

“No matter what, I win and that’s it. Don’t know how its gonna’ come but I’m 100 per cent confident that I’m gonna’ beat him. He thinks he’s better than what he is so let him think that. We’ll probably meet in the middle, but listen, I can win in more than one way.”

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