Tyson Fury: I Happen To Like Midgets And I’ve S****** A Couple

Tyson Fury has come up with some colorful comparisons for Anthony Joshua’s win over Carlos Takam in Cardiff.

Fury has been doing the media rounds this weekend in Monaco where he has been taking in the boxing that took place in Monte Carlo.

Only a week ago current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua defended his titles with a stoppage win over Frenchman Carlos Takam after a hard fought fight.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Fury was not impressed with Joshua’s win however:

“After looking at the fight at the weekend with AJ (Anthony Joshua) and Takam. AJ struggled with lets face it – a glorified midget. No disrespect to midgets because I happen to like midgets and and I’ve s****** a couple (laughs). But he was a glorified midget in the heavyweight division and he was a tough man and he was brave – but he ain’t Tyson Fury. He ain’t 6’9, 18 stone – can turn on a 50 pence coin. He ain’t that man and he struggles with that man? (Takam). So hows he going to beat this man if he struggles with midgets who just come forward with their hands up? I will jab his n** right off.”

Joshua has campaigned in recent times for Fury’s return which is expected to come in the early new year pending the outcome of a UKAD case which is tentatively scheduled for this coming December.

One thing is for certain, when he comes back big fights between him, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder (to name just those three heavyweights alone) can be made in world boxing.

For the full interview with Kugan Cassius of IFL TV YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: