Tyson Fury On Anthony Joshua: I’m After The Weight Lifter

Tyson Fury Has A £10,000

Tyson Fury on Anthony Joshua amid reports that the pair are set to fight one another in 2018 in a huge showdown.

Fury has been relentless in his call outs of Anthony Joshua over the years but to Joshua’s credit, he’s rarely bit back other than the odd “fat boy” remark here and there.

Joshua knows just how big a fight with Fury will ultimately be and in recent times he’s even offered his full support for a Fury comeback.

In terms of big heavyweight fights over the years, Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury would surely be right up there.

It seems to have everything from an interesting clash of styles in the ring, a long, ongoing story line of verbals from Fury’s and the always interesting good cop vs bad cop pre-fight build-up theme.

Tyson Fury has his eyes set on the fight and speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV in Monaco he said:

“I’m after a weight lifter. A certain weight lifter who can bench press half of a tonne and dead lift half a tonne. But he ain’t seen speed like this, and balls like this.”

Fury is expected to be ringside at tonight’s boxing in Monte Carlo so this might not be the last of his weekend comments and media appearances just yet.

For the full clip on IFL TV YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: