Bivol retained his WBA light-heavyweight title tonight in possibly one of the most devastating punches this year.

Bivol landed a punch right on the bell that needed no count from the referee who immediately called off the fight after it landed tonight.

The end of the very first round was all it took for Bivol to extend his pro record to 12-0-10KO with a dramatic KO of Trent Broadhurst.

Shown live on HBO in the US and on Sky Sports in the US, the WBA light-heavyweight champion will have sent out a message worldwide with that knockout.

Thankfully his opponent Broadhurst was confirmed as okay after what was a very heavy punch. Here is the moment it went down:

Surely a contender for knockout of the year. One of the most conclusive one punch knockouts in quiet sometime.

Next up could be a number of options for the big hitting Russian.

A showdown with fellow countryman Sergey Kovalev in particular could be an easy fight to make in theory and one that would most likely thrill fans given the heavy-hitting styles of both combatants.

If people didn’t know who he was tonight, they surely will now. One of the most explosive endings to a world title fight this year.