Trainer Robert Garcia On What Really Happened With Alleged Arrest

An alleged arrest of trainer Robert Garcia took place during a press conference for a boxing event in Arizona in the US.

Renowned boxing trainer Robert Garcia is at the centre of some controversy at the moment.

It pertains to a video that shows him getting taken away in handcuffs by members of the police during the build-up to a boxing event.

Many will remember Garcia for training notable fighters such as Fernando Vargas, Brandon Rios, Nonito Donaire, Kelly Pavlik and Marco Antonion Rubio to name a few.

The details are still very unclear as to what actually happened, but the video does show Robert Garcia clearly angry with the situation and a large number of officers around him.

One user who initially uploaded the video suggested Garcia punched a heckler in a crowd of fans. This is purely speculation and has no merit or foundation it must be pointed out.

Reporter Ellie Seckbach who knows Garcia well and regularly does videos in his gym in Oxnard, California, has now gotten to the bottom of what really happened in the controversial event.

Robert Garcia has spoken to him on ES News YouTube (hat tip) to give his side on what really took place during a phone conversation earlier today:

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