Unbeaten Ghanaian Boxer Felix Mankatah Determined To Beat The Odds

Felix Mankatah might not be a household name just yet but if boxing’s history is anything to go by don’t write him off.

Boxing has the undeniable ability to change lives and fortunes.

As an art form boxing and its practitioners overwhelmingly come from the toughest of environments the world over and in many ways, is the only real opportunity for some to escape the ordinary and become extraordinary.

That’s why boxing is at its best when it keeps fighters moving forward and affords them the chance to break free.

Generations of boxers have been the risk-takers often times due to the geographical locations alone.

At grassroots level, the majority of funding comes from the level of success but without that level of success, sadly, the support and funding are unavailable.

It’s a catch twenty-two situation for many boxer looking to make a name for themselves. One such boxer is Felix Mankatah (7-0-6KO) from Accra, Ghana.

As an amateur Mankatah had 57 amateur fights and was part of the Ghanaian National Team also known as ‘The Black Bombers’.

He competed at the All-African Games with aspirations of making the Ghanaian Olympic team but due to limited spaces and a lack of funding, he decided to turn professional in April 2014 against Joseph Odartey at the City  Engineers Yard Gym in Accra, Ghana.

Like many aspiring boxers in Ghana, Felix Mankatah has been restricted to showcasing his talents at small venues.

Namely gymnasiums like the Seconds-Out Gym in Accra but after 7 successful bouts under his belt as a professional  since then, Felix is now scheduled to fight early next month in December at the ultra-modern sports stadium named the Trust Sports Emporium in Bukom.

It’s a 4000-seated open air arena – Ghana’s first purpose built boxing venue for the Ghanaian National Title against possible opponents Theophilus Ofei Dodoo (5-0-5KO) or Daniel Lartey (10-1-8KO).

Speaking to this author, Felix Mankatah told me:

“My dream is to one day fight for a world title. Boxing is my life – that’s why I have taken the risks I have so far. Hopefully it’s pays off.”

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