Deontay Wilder Has A Chilling Death Message For Stiverne’s Family

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has a dark, possibly over the top message for his opponent’s family.

When it comes to boxing trash talk seems to have no limits these days, even when said in tongue and cheek.

Professional boxing isn’t called the hurt business for no reason and sadly, some fighters over the years have lost their lives in the ring.

Or in some cases suffered life changing injuries. While rare, it can happen sadly.

In the run up to Saturday night’s WBC heavyweight title fight between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne trash talk has taken on a very darker tone.

From both Wilder and Stiverne, to be fair.

It’s been a running theme between the two where both men have spoken about killing one another in the ring.

Speaking in an open media scrum following the final press conference, Wilder had this message for

“The only thing we can do with death is prepared for it. And I’m well prepared for it. If it’s judgement day for me than let it be. My family will be alright. Can his family say the same thing? His brother didn’t even want him to fight me. Lets be honest. His brother didn’t even want him to fight me because he know. His brother sat there and cried after the fight, after I whopped him. Now they going to cry again while they bury him.”

Wilder did laugh after that remark, mind you, but one would hope neither guy is actually serious about ending one another’s life tomorrow night as at the end of the day, boxing is a sport.

These kind of remarks have been frequent in boxing’s history – mostly for promotional purposes.

Wilder’s remarks were caught by a number of journalists at the media scrum including Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) here: