Anthony Joshua Earned A Staggering Amount Per Round Against Takam

Anthony Joshua Earned

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua earned quite the sum for his latest title defence against Carlos Takam

The heavyweight champion may have suffered more damage in the fight than any of his previous bouts to date, but at least his payday this week will be significant enough to help him get over those injuries, no doubt.

Before the fight it was reported that the total fight purse for the bout was £20 million, with Joshua’s share of the pie being £16 million and Takam’s share being £4 million.

These figures represented the guaranteed purses outside of the pay per view, sponsorship and other revenues the boxers would have earned.

Depending on the fight or ‘own the show’ contract Joshua had with his promoter Matchroom Sport.

The bout went just under ten rounds in the end so it works out that Joshua made approximately (give or take) £1.5 million per round for his guaranteed purse.

Not bad for a night’s work. That works out as just slightly under $2 million US dollars per round.

Since winning Saturday night’s fight Joshua has been celebrating in style and spending his hard-earned prize money with friends – including a helicopter trip today posted on his Instagram account a short time ago:

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