Kell Brook Laughs At Khan’s Mayweather Call Out, Offers Him Alternative

Kell Brook laughs and jokes at the expense of Amir Khan wanting a fight with Floyd Mayweather again and gives him an alternative.

It is a well known fact that Amir Khan famously chased the Floyd Mayweather fight a number of years back, unsuccessfully.

Even after topping a fan poll from Mayweather asking fans who they’d like to see him fight, Khan still had no joy in landing the fight.

Fast forward a couple of years and some extended time out of the break, coupled with Mayweather now being in retirement following his 50th bout against Ireland’s Conor McGregor, Khan has reignited talks about a Mayweather showdown again on Twitter.

Another long time fight that has avoided Khan however is one against rival and fellow countryman Kell Brook.

Brook has also suffered defeat in recent times after bouts with two incredibly gifted and tough fighters mind you, in Gennady Golovkin and then Errol Spence Jr respectively.

Perhaps the time to make the Brook-Khan fight is now more perfect than ever with no belts held by either man, both coming off defeat and both at the stage in their career where only big fights will get them up to train in the morning.

Following Khan’s remarks about a possible fight with Mayweather this evening, Brook has reacted with the following message for his old rival:

These two just don’t get along: