MMA Fighter Michael Page Lands This Massive TKO On Pro Boxing Debut

Michael Page made an explosive start to his professional boxing career this weekend with a right hand straight out of hell.

A lot of MMA fighters all over the world seem to be taking up pro boxing at the moment, possibly inspired from the recent Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor cross-over combats sports event earlier in the year.

Whether or not it’s just a temporary fad and trend in reaction to that event remains to be seen.

Perhaps some MMA fighters see more lucrative opportunities in boxing as opposed to MMA, which is dominated primarily by one organisation, the UFC.

With boxing fighters have more choice in terms of promoters, perhaps this is swaying some MMA fighters’ decision to train primarily in boxing.

Boxing’s also had a heck of a year this year – which might also have something to do with it.

Last night 30 year old Michael Page showed that MMA fighters are more than capable of making the jump into pro boxing with this devastating right hand on channel Dave (hat tip):

What a punch, and an interesting reaction from the referee in grabbing Page the way he did by the trunks to rip him away from his downed opponent.

Time will tell how far light-heavyweight Michael Page can do in boxing. He’s certainly made an impressive start to his pugilism career as a prizefighter.