Promoter Shuts Down Boxing Fan With Ruthlessly Candid Tweet

British boxing promoter shuts down boxing fan with a reaction that one fight fan no doubt didn’t expect. Simple but hilarious.

Fight weekend is upon us once again.

Saturday, the day that hardcore boxing fans will scramble to check what time and where fights will be on to watch before the action gets underway.

A quick Google search along the lines of ‘what time is x fight?’ will usually bring up a plethora of information pertaining to the former, as hungry fight fans look to see what’s on.

Event organisers and promoters often get bombarded with questions about when and where a match up is on and today, it appears one Eddie Hearn wasn’t in the mood.

His response, to be taken as a joke, has already earned a huge amount of re-tweets and likes on Twitter for its cold, but brilliant to the point nature.

One fan asked what time the boxing starts and mentioned he has to agree with his wife beforehand if he can watch it:

To which Hearn’s popular response was:

The fight that was been referred to above was Anthony Crolla vs Ricky Burns which as it turns out, should get underway about 10pm tonight UK time (2pm PT / 5pm ET) for those wondering.

One that promises to be a decent scrap in Manchester tonight, too:

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