Deontay Wilder has voiced his frustration at why he believes Anthony Joshua is ducking him after recent reports.

Wilder now has a new opponent in front of him on November 4th after previous opponent Cuban Luiz Ortiz tested positive for a banned substance under the WBC ‘Clean Boxing Program’.

Wilder will now face Bermane Stiverne in a rematch instead next month in New York.

But the WBC Heavyweight champion has his eyes already set on unification fights and super matches in 2018 – with the main name on his hit list being Anthony Joshua from London.

Joshua himself boxes at the end of this month in another sell out stadium event in Cardiff, Wales – that is expected to attract over 80,000 boxing fans on the night.

Although Wilder has never boxed in front of anywhere near these sort of numbers of boxing fans, he wants a piece of Joshua and is not afraid to voice his opinion.

He is angry with Joshua for in his opinion, claiming he might not be ready to face him until 2020. Speaking on Instagram here is Deontay Wilder addressing everything on his mind about Joshua:

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Dear Boxing Fans, Well there you have it now @anthony_joshua is officially soul searching while he scrolls thru the misty park, Basically what I'm saying is that he's scared as well, but nooo Mr. @eddiehearn goes on record and states that Joshua KO's me within 3rds🤔🤷🏿‍♂️. You see in the HURT BUSINESS ppl on the outside looking in are the ones that DONT HAVE TO FEEL THE PAIN IN THE RING, but are the first to build unnecessary courage then say dumb shit, WHY! Because they don't have to be the poor soul that travels through the jungle an face the 👹. LIKE I SAID…"I'm the most FEARED Heavyweight in the Division". Once I became Champ me and my team have tried for years to get the best out there ppl do your research. I've called out all of the so called majority fans best of the division have to offer but what really happens when I do that? Well if you don't know I'll tell you::::::::::———->>>>>>>>>> They either go another route and Run 🏃🏿as if they was in a 1984 Freddy Krueger a Nightmare on Elm Street horror film or they becomes a member of Pinky & the Brain, but instead of trying to unify and take over the world they, instead shot stuff in their asses or take it hard thru the throat all because of an Alabaman Native that goes by the name of DeontayWilder ::::::::::———->>>>>>>> Well there goes a Great fight not once but twice out of three Great fights all stolen from the overly anxious and highly excited Boxing Fans. Why I'm I always the one blamed for Grown ass men making Bad decisions? I don't make them nor tell the to take Banned Substance! They do that dumb shit on their own, so if your mad I'm not the one to blame, in fact I've done nothing but the right things and always deliver an exciting fight (38-0-0) 37 by KO's but it's always BombZquad fault lol why? Be real is it because I'm black and this so called great country of Amerikkka rather bash the Blacks while talk highly and praise everyone else that's not of dark color? :::::::::———->>>>>>>>>> These are serious questions I'm eager to know and I'm not looking for anyone's sympathy towards my career issues because I know for facts GOD got me covered Trust Me. Love you all. -Champ

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One suspects when and if the fight between the two does happen, for it to be one of the biggest fights between an American and British heavyweight perhaps since Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis.

Both have immediate challenges in front of the first, however.