Shannon Briggs On Trying To Track Down Tyson Fury

Shannon Briggs on looking for former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in a well, truly ‘Lets Go Champ’ style story from Briggs.

The self-promotion mogul of boxing Shannon Briggs has been back on the crusade in recent times to land a significant fight.

He’s had his share of outside the ring troubles this year himself like former champion Tyson Fury has had.

Accordingly, he perhaps senses that a comeback fight for both men against one another could make sense.

Certainly, it would pit two guys who know how to sell a fight against one another which would make for a rather unique build-up, if anything.

Shannon Briggs World Title

Briggs wrote the following story on Instagram which depicts a comparison for those who have watched the movie ‘Snatch’:

“It’s a fact he scared so I need to get him motivated. What can I do to make him fight? I don’t know where he’s at, he’s a #Gypsy #Traveler he be moving around daily. I just watched the movie #Snatch and unless I make some sort of treaty it won’t be my best & smartest move to go to their #caravanalone solo-dolo by myself like I usually do to propose a fight. I’m pretty sure they gone jump me. CHaAaMmMpPp Any black gypsy’s besides myself? Maybe it’s some brothers in a caravan that can walk me in so I can negroiate. I know they crazy & like to fight. Me too. #LETSGOCHAMP”

Well, there you have it. Perhaps only something that Shannon Briggs could have come up with really.

Whether or not the fight happens remains to be seen, but don’t expect to hear the last of it from Briggs who in recent times appears to be back on his ‘Lets Go Champ’ tour.