Doctor Of Luis Ortiz Explains What Drug He Gave Him Before VADA Test

The doctor of Luis Ortiz speaks on camera about how he feels it is an injustice that heavyweight Luis Ortiz tested positive by VADA.

The ongoing scandal surrounding Luis Ortiz is the talk of boxing at the moment after the WBC President recently said he was confirmed to by VADA that the heavyweight title challenger had tested positive for a banned substance ahead of his WBC heavyweight title fight against Deontay Wilder.

It is not clear if the fight will go ahead or not at this stage with a lot of doubt surrounding the bout at the moment.

Team Ortiz have passionately defended their fighter regarding the test however.

They have stated that the substance that caused the test result was taken as blood pressure medication by the 38 year old Cuban boxer Ortiz.

Furthermore, they have released two videos of the doctor of Luis Ortiz in the US explaining the situation and giving his side on the matter:

They also followed this post with this video – where the doctor says he feels it is an ‘injustice’:

Expect a lot of back and forth in this story over the coming days as event organisers, both fighter’s camps and the World Boxing Council scramble to see if the fight can still be salvaged or if not, who will step in to take Ortiz’s place in November against champion Deontay Wilder.