Tyson Fury Reacts To The News Rio Ferdinand Is Becoming A Boxer

Former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury reacts to the news that former football player Rio Ferdinand is having a professional boxing fight.

The boxing world has been reacting all week to the news that former Manchester United soccer player and England international soccer player Rio Ferdinand has made the bold move to step into professional boxing.

It is not known what weight class he’ll compete at, or against who or when or where even, but it’s definitely happening and he’s enlisted the help of a former fighter in Richie Woodhall to help him with the fight.

The news has been seen in mixed regards in the boxing world.

Many are pointing to the similarity of when cricket player Freddie Flintoff had a similar boxing foray a few years back, that proved a once off.

Ferdinand has been taking a lot of friendly banter on Twitter for his decision. Notably from former team mate Gary Neville:

However Tyson Fury has now chimed in too with his thoughts this morning:

Ferdinand made a few more details about his motivation for becoming a boxer clear at a press conference this week (hat tip IFL YouTube):

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