Amir Khan Confirms He Will Be Divorcing Wife and Clarifies Situation

Boxer Amir Khan confirms in public a very private matter and has talked to his fans on the subject of him and his wife once again.

Amir Khan has once again taken to Twitter to vent personal issues to the wider public amid what has been a torrid year for the Bolton boxer.

Many within the boxing world had concern for Khan recently who seemed to be in meltdown, with no sight as to when the talented boxer might be making a return to the ring.

The Englishman has still not fought since been knocked out cold by Canelo Alvarez in May of 2016.

By all accounts he won’t fight again this year either, given the amount going on outside the ring and has now confirmed that he and his wife will be getting a divorce:

He went on to say:

Lets hope we see Khan back in the ring soon, doing what he does best.

For now, lets take a quick trip down memory lane to some of Khan’s greatest moments in the ring thus far:

(Hat tip Boxing Legends YouTube)

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