Short Documentary Lead Up To GGG vs Canelo and Golovkin’s Post Fight Reaction

This insightful short documentary takes fight fans through the journey of the lead up to GGG vs Canelo for Gennady Golovkin.

The dust is set on what was an entertaining battle for boxing fans that likely will see a rematch take place sooner than later.

Often sports fans only notice the finished article of what takes place on fight night, but the run up and build-up to a fight can be just as intriguing.

After all, boxing is the hype business, where pre-fight stories and build-up set the scene to what happens when the first bell goes.

This interesting video shows you what Golovkin went through in the run-up to Saturday night in Vegas:

As you can see, the short documentary also takes the viewer through to straight after the fight itself – where Golovkin understandably addressed the press in a downbeat mood after.

Ultimately a draw was the verdict in what was a close fight, but the controversy was in one of the judges’ scorecards in particular whom judged the fight in favor of Canelo by 8 rounds.

Golovkin still retained his belts mind you and still has plenty of options next up.

WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders called him out today but one would imagine the Canelo rematch will take precedence for him.

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