Watch: Teddy Atlas Blasts Judges As Corrupt After GGG-Canelo Decision!

teddy atlas blasts

ESPN commentator Teddy Atlas blasts and goes off on one on TV following the highly controversial draw decision in Golovkin vs Canelo tonight.

The boxing world is in disgust at the moment following a fight that Gennady Golovkin in the vast majority of people’s opinions on social media not getting the decision as the deserved winner in tonight’s fight with Canelo Alvarez.

It was a shame, as the contest was an immense spectacle that delivered superb action. Canelo Alvarez for his part also showed huge improvements in many areas of his fight game I thought.

Alas, big time boxing threw up controversy once again. Fighters and pundits the world over have been putting the decision of the fight as a draw on blast.

Teddy Atlas of ESPN has weighed in with his views:

“They are corrupt! I have no problem saying it!”

The words of an incensed Teddy Atlas.

Similar sentiments have been echoed by others online in what once again will be a negative shadow cast on the sport of boxing on what should have been one of it’s greatest nights of the modern era.

A rematch one suspects is inevitable and will be immediate for both fighters next up in what no doubt is a fight people will watch again.

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