Gennady Golovkin Blasts Canelo Alvarez Pre-Fight Promise After Fight

Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin blasts Canelo after their fight, with bad feelings towards him clearly still remaining.

The fight was an entertaining one without doubt. An excellent bout, overall.

But it was Gennady Golovkin who brought the fight to Canelo from a tactical perspective.

The Hagler-Hearns type war that was expected never (fully) transpired as Canelo opted to box Golovkin with a more measured strategy.

Preferring instead to fight in spurts while Golovkin consistently looked to take the fight to Canelo for the majority of the bout.

Golovkin and Canelo React

Indeed, Canelo’s pre-fight promise to Golovkin of bringing the fight to him is something that sticks as a sore point with the champion, as he told the world after the bout:

“He talk too much before the fight. He said he is a true Mexican. I bring Mexican (fight) style for true fight, close distance you know. He knows. He need only decision. He moved all over. Every round. It is a surprise. He can’t stay close to me (during the fight).”

It was still an excellent fight, mind you.

Perhaps if there is a part two down the road one might hope for a more toe to toe battle by both fighters second time round.

A real Hagler vs Hearns type street brawl.


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