Conor McGregor Makes Fun Of Boxing After GGG-Canelo Decision

conor mcgregor makes

UFC fighter Conor McGregor makes fun of the sport of boxing following the highly controversial draw between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo.

A little over three weeks has passed since McGregor’s sole venture to date into the sport of professional boxing where he took on American Floyd Mayweather.

The result was a TKO loss for the Irish mixed martial arts fighter who is reportedly due to fight back in the UFC by the end of this year.

That hasn’t stopped him from keeping an eye on the boxing world however, clearly a fan, he chimed in with his thoughts on the Golovkin-Canelo decision with the following after the fight:

“Boxing is a mad game”, says McGregor.

McGregor who’s professional boxing record stands at 0-1 (1KO loss) was given credit for his effort against Mayweather in the early rounds of their bout a few weeks back.

However ultimately when Floyd Mayweather chose to – he broke him down and won with ease.

Is is not known if McGregor will ever have another professional boxing match but the above shows he clearly is keeping up to date with the sport at the least.

Likely he’ll have another boxing match sometime one would suspect. One would imagine he couldn’t settle for leaving boxing on a losing note.

(Photo source and credit: Conor McGregor Facebook)