Monroe Responds To Saunders’ Son Hitting and Kicking Him

Willie Monroe Jr has responded to one of the most controversial events seen at a weigh-in in recent times when a young man got involved.

The boxing world was in uproar yesterday following footage that emerged showing Billy Joe Saunders’ young son hitting and kicking his opponent Willie Monroe Jr at their weigh-in.

The pair both weighed in successfully ahead of tonight’s WBO world middleweight title fight but Monroe was incensed by what happened and is not willing to let it go anytime soon.

He released a statement on Twitter outlining his feelings and what he plans to do moving forward:

Whether the incident will play a part in getting in Monroe’s head tonight and take him out of his game plan remains to be seen.

Both he and Saunders are typically more boxer-types than fighters who like to stand and trade, so it still would be hard to see Monroe seeing the red mist so to speak and looking to be overly aggressive against Saunders.

Saunders has been trying to wind him up in recent weeks ahead of the fight and it will be interesting to see who keeps their cool the best tonight.

For a look back at yesterday’s incident check it out here on IFL TV YouTube (hat tip):


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