Golovkin Explains Why Canelo Fight Will Not Go 12 Rounds

‘Big Drama’ show is what ‘GGG’ usually promises. Golovkin explains why he thinks Saturday’s fight will not last the full distance when he faces Canelo.

The best fighting the best is what the sport of boxing is all about, what’s made it so great over the many years the sport has been around.

This Saturday night brings back the glory days in that respect.

Everyone is talking about Golovkin vs Canelo as a fifty-fifty encounter this week but for the man slightly favored with the sports books, Gennady Golovkin, he doesn’t believe the fight will go the distance.

Testament to his unflappable belief in his knockout fists – Golovkin explains to Steve Lillis of BoxNation YouTube (hat tip) here why he believes so:

At the moment you’d get around 13/8 odds for that outcome, a Golovkin knockout that is. But that very well could go to 2/1 but the time of the first bell.

It seems the closer the fight gets the more and more people are starting to give the younger Canelo Alvarez more of a chance of beating the ferocious Golovkin.

Perhaps many are now starting to be swayed by the younger man having youth on his side. But in truth, it’s a fight that could go either way.