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Champion Causes Controversy With Depression Comments – Hatton and Bruno React

Hatton and Bruno were among the high profile names in boxing today who reacted to highly controversial comments from a fighter regarding depression.

Depression doesn’t discriminate – most people will tell you that. It affects people from all walks in life regardless of who they are, where they’re from or what they do.

Most people either know somebody who’s been affected by its debilitating nature whether directly or indirectly at some point in their lifetime.

Today a fighter’s comments on Twitter, a world kickboxing champion no less, that in his opinion it doesn’t even exist and what he thought of people who suffer from it – disgusted people in the fight game and indeed the world over:

Many immediately pointed to the above being some attempt at trolling for publicity, but sadly – it appears the kickboxing world champion actually was been sincere.

Two of boxing’s most well known fighters to have been affected by depression in recent times since hanging up the gloves are the UK’s former world champions Frank Bruno and Ricky Hatton.

Hatton and Bruno reacted to the kickboxing world champion’s controversial statements with the following:

Here is Frank Bruno speaking on his battles with depression in the past:


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