This Canelo Strength and Conditioning Is Frightening Ahead Of GGG

This Canelo strength and conditioning is quite something ahead of the biggest fight of his life, looking in monster shape for Golovkin.

The Canelo strength and conditioning regime has gone to a new level as he makes final preparations for his September 16th showdown against Gennady Golovkin.

Some fans and pundits mentioned they thought Golovkin looked a little soft around the mid section at the start of his fight camp for Canelo.

The same cannot be said for the Mexican, though.

He appears to have come into fight camp already in tip top shape knowing that anything less could result in a painful ending at middleweight against the division’s biggest hitter.

This video from Eroge Anime YouTube (hat tip) compiles most of the training footage out there so far of Canelo’s training for Golovkin.

The Mexican fight star in the words of his opponent means ‘serious business’ judging by this:

Some heavy intensity there.

Some have suggested as the fight draws nearer that Canelo might be getting Golovkin at the perfect time in both men’s careers.

Golovkin 35 and Canelo 27 are at different sides of the traditional idea for the age of when a boxing prime is (27-32).

Golovkin looked somewhat human in his last fight to Danny Jacobs and in some of his recent bouts has began walking down fighters, abandoning his once excellent boxing skills that got him to where he is over recent years.

If he were trying to simply overpower a young, strong and quick middleweight like Canelo he might come unstuck, which makes this fight all the more intriguing.

Canelo has in the past had questions about his gas tank in the second half of fights but judging by the above video and indeed the now settled move to the 160lbs division, which seems to suit his body more, I honestly don’t expect this to be an issue on September 16th.