Mayweather On The Hunt For Conor McGregor Fan Who Trolled Him

One Conor McGregor fan is being pursued by Floyd Mayweather and his team following heckles before the fight.

Online trolling is usually limited to just that, the internet, but every once in a while a brave fan will pipe up to the face of their celebrity target of their heckling too.

Floyd Mayweather knows all about this of course, as does McGregor to be fair, given the polarizing characters they’ve created in the public eye during their combat sports careers.

Many fans before the fight gave McGregor a chance to beat Mayweather.

So much so that the odds makers at the different sports books actually gave the Irishman a chance with their odds aswell.

One fan went on the assault verbally to Mayweather’s face here – to which the American promised he would regret afterwards:

(Hat tip: Fight Hype YouTube)

Pretty funny stuff to be fair.

It’s not known just yet if Mayweather or his team have tracked down the fan called ‘Alex’, but one would imagine he’s keeping quite the low profile at the moment.

The same can’t be said for Mayweather mind you, who’s living life to the full and enjoying the many millions that he no doubt made:

The final tallies of the pay per view are still being totted up at present.


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