Robert Garcia Corrects Ex UFC Champ’s Punching With Instant Results

Renowned boxing trainer Robert Garcia shows former UFC champion Jose Aldo what he was doing wrong here with dramatic results.

Following the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match there have been a number of fighters from both the sports of professional boxing and mixed martial arts that have mentioned they would like to try their hands in each other’s sport.

The most notable perhaps being boxer Andre Berto wanting to compete in the UFC – and former UFC champion Jose Aldo wanting to compete in professional boxing.

The latter has been training with renowned boxing trainer Robert Garcia in California in a bid to improve his punching technique and overall boxing skills.

As the below video transpires, it can be clearly seen and heard the noticeable difference in punching power on the pads from Robert Garcia’s instructions and adjustments made to Aldo’s uppercuts:

(hat tip ES News YouTube)

A much crisper shot and sounding series of punches as the video progresses with Robert Garcia correcting Aldo’s overall uppercut form.

Whether or not Aldo will look to seriously compete in boxing at a high level remains to be seen.

Turning 31 years old next week, Aldo is coming to the later years of his athletic prime and to learn boxing from a pure sweet science perspective this late on could prove to be a significant challenge.

The Brazilian fighter is a legend in the sport of mixed martial arts however, but boxing as Conor McGregor found out last week – is a completely different ball game.

Aldo famously got knocked out cold by Irishman Conor McGregor inside the opening portion of the first round in a UFC fight a couple of years back.

The difference in punching technique and power between the two sports is considerable – but perhaps more and more MMA fighters from the UFC will be lured to boxing due to the significantly higher pay days on offer at the top level of the sport following the pay per view success of Mayweather vs McGregor.


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