‘AT LAST’ Video Conveys Just How Special Triple G vs Canelo Really Is

Triple G vs Canelo on September 16th at the T-Mobile can’t come fast enough as two of boxing’s most exciting warriors collide.

There’s a genuine sense of excitement and good feeling already a couple of weeks out from Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez.

One day at a time, mile after mile jogged, punch after punch thrown, sparring round after sparring round chalked in – these two proud men know they are getting that bit closer to potentially something very special in their lives.

“Golovkin, you are next my friend.”

The words of Canelo Alvarez after his last victory in the ring, met with a smile from ‘GGG’.

A smile that kind of told you that Golovkin was thinking something along the lines of – yeah, I’m looking forward to it Canelo.

This fan made video eloquently highlights the moment among others in the build up to a modern classic in the making:

Outstanding work from The Fight Game YouTube (hat tip).

In many ways the fight is coming at the perfect time.

Not too long a wait but not too rushed either, at a time where a lot of people around the world seem to be interested in boxing again.

Fan demand brought it about – which is a positive trend that seems to continue to be met in the sweet science in 2017.

The chance for either man to put a stamp on their future legacies is on the line. A chance to do something of genuine worth that will be remembered forever.

Two men with fighting running through their veins. It’s almost time to leave them off the leash.