McGregor Coach Reflects On The Floyd Mayweather Fight

mcgregor coach reflects

Conor McGregor coach reflects on his fighter’s defeat to Floyd Mayweather in their Las Vegas boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena.

No risk brings no reward.

Despite suffering defeat at the weekend McGregor and his coach deserve all the credit in the world for putting it on the line and attempting to do something that no other MMA fighter had done before – enter the boxing world at the highest level.

The odds were always up against them in truth.

McGregor’s head coach John Kavanagh is a man who knows plenty about risk and reward, having been essentially a pioneer in the sport of mixed martial arts in his native Ireland.

In his heart of hearts one suspects he knew the size of the challenge they were up against before the contest. Despite what he may have said in public.

Following the weekend’s bout McGregor’s coach had this message on his Instagram:

“Any loss or setback absolutely hurts but you cannot let it make you even consider quitting. We’re not going anywhere! Proud as always of Conor as he continues to make history putting these unbelievable events together.
Thanks everyone for the support, humbled as always. And for the haters….don’t worry we’ll give you plenty more to post online about ? “

(Top image source and credit: coach_kavanagh Instagram)