What Mayweather Sr Said To His Son Mid McGregor Fight

Mayweather Sr

Mayweather Sr was not impressed with what he saw from Conor McGregor against his son and urged the Irishman to not box again.

It was well publicised during the time of the Mayweather vs McGregor international press tour that Floyd Mayweather senior and McGregor got into a rather hilarious back and forth verbal exchange about the fight.

McGregor at the time telling senior that his son would be beaten because he was:

“Too small.”

Well, that didn’t come to fruition.

After the fight Mayweather Sr branded the way McGregor fought as “pathetic” to the media post-fight, and was particularly incensed by the rabbit punches McGregor was throwing.

Mayweather Sr was not worried about the slow start his son made in the fight where he gave away some rounds to McGregor.

Afterwards Senior said:

“He didn’t show me no boxing. I didn’t see nothing.”

There was one point in the fight early on in between rounds that Mayweather said he told his son not to worry about the slow start:

‘When he gets tired, he’s gonna get real tired.’ And he did.”

McGregor’s gas tank proved to be a key part in his decline in the fight as he essentially ran out of stamina on route to being stopped in the 10th round, as well as never having a realistic chance of winning the fight of course.