Watch: The Moment Floyd Mayweather Stops Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather stops Conor McGregor in conclusive fashion when the opportunity came but not after a game performance from McGregor.

It was the fight that no one thought would actually happen.

It started as an idea conjured out of thin air from Conor McGregor but as the months and months went on, it became clear that in fact, he might get his way and lure the best boxer of this era into a fight with him.

Alas, too much money was on the table to turn down for Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor got his wish and the world saw more hype than any other fight it had in history in the run up to tonight’s bout.

As the old saying goes:

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Ultimately, the courageous Conor McGregor surprised everyone as long as he lasted and even won many of the early rounds but as expected, Floyd Mayweather closed the show inside the distance.

Not before McGregor started off well, though.

The first round saw Mayweather actually walk towards McGregor while the Irishman used some footwork to evade Mayweather and actually land some counters.

Overall, an argument could be made for McGregor winning the first round.

The second round also proved a much more positive one for the Irishman than most thought before going into the fight.

McGregor surprised people again in round 3, as Mayweather tried to get past his reach and jab to close this distance.

The Irishman was warned for keeping his punches clean on a couple of occasions in the round.

Mayweather finally looked like he was warming up by round 4 as the American started to walk McGregor down and go to his body.

The fifth saw more body work from Mayweather and more lead right hands land behind a high guard, as he continued to march forward on a perhaps slightly fatiguing Conor McGregor at this point.

Mayweather began to find his distance in round 6 and looked like he was very comfortable, stepping forward and starting to have things his own way.

The American really started to land at almost will in round 7 – peppering McGregor with lead right hands.

Round 8 brought more of the same as Mayweather largely out boxed McGregor but to his credit, McGregor still hung in there and made it into round 9.

The 9th round saw a one sided beating of Conor McGregor who was now clearly tired and stumbling around the ring, just about surviving the round.

The end came for McGregor in round 10:

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